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The advantages and disadvantages of emulsifiers in food.

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Is anybody knows resources about that problem?

1 Answers

  1. Jim Thomas on Mar 15, 2013

    Fruits and vegetables are the first preference of the consumers whereas the dairy and meat comes under the secondary level preference of the consumers. Generally there is high awareness among the public as regards to the organic food nowadays. But majority of the consumers do not aware what is an organic produce, how it differs form conventional one and there is very low awareness of organic symbol by consumers. It is necessary to educate the consumers on how to recognize a certified organic product. The use of animal waste as fertilizer in the organic farming needs to be properly regulated as it may result in the contamination with pathogens. The organic food industry is more efficient in dissemination and information sharing than conventional food industry since there is traceability of the products thus paving to more accountability of the farming and food methods. This research finds out that there is low awareness among consumers as regards to organic label and this has to be addressed by proper advertisement and educational programs. We are yet to see whether there is any incremental support from government and proper information sharing between various stakeholders group will bring modification within the ‘ organic network’ and if this is achieved , the days are not very faraway where one can see organic food in everyone’s trolley .

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